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Our 2023-24' season begins October 28th

Forms are now available! 

8:30-9:30 Learn to Skate Group Lessons (Tots through Beta)

9:30-10:30 Learn to Skate Group Lessons for Adults and Teens

(13-18) and Gamma through Freestyle


Welcome to the Viking Skating Club

We are a non-profit club serving Boston North Shore skaters of all ages and experiences who enjoy the recreation, fun, and achievement of figure skating.


Our home rink is the Rockett Arena in the O'Keefe Center at Salem State University.


Our Mission

Viking Skating Club is a well established ISI (Ice Sports Industry) club that is focused on building confidence and friendships through excellent instruction in a lifetime activity, figure skating. We focus on both the individual skater's needs while building strong peer support through the club.

Our philosophy and vision is to have "complete" skaters. Complete means our skaters learn skills from our top professionals, and they learn and appreciate how to support each other and the team. When we participate in competitions, our skaters are as happy for their teammates, as they are for themselves. In our weekly lessons. we see the more experienced skaters helping others, and everyone giving support.

Skating is fun, and the environment at Viking reflects the enjoyment and accomplishment through skating!

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Ice Sports Industry

Viking Skating Club is a member of ISI which is dedicated to providing leadership, education, programming and services to the ice sports community.

ISI is an international industry association encompassing all aspects of the ice sports industry. Founded in 1959 as a nonprofit organization for owners, operators and developers of ice skating facilities, ISI also created America’s original learn-to-skate program and has introduced more than 10 million individuals to the wonderful world of ice skating.


Professional Staff

Lisa Manley

Lisa has been a member of Viking’s Professional Staff since 1997. Lisa began skating in 1972. She was a member of both USFSA and ISIA. During her competitive career, she competed in numerous competitions throughout the New England area in Figures, Freestyle and also Synchronized (Precision) Team Skating and performed in numerous shows. In 2000, Lisa became the Club’s Show Director and in 2008 she became the Director of Skating. Lisa is a Professional Member of ISI, is an ISI Gold Certified Judge, a Certified Synchronized Skating Judge and is a member of the Professional Skaters Association. In addition to her skating career, she is also a Paralegal at a North Shore Law Firm.

Mandy Polisky

Mandy has been a member of the Viking Professional coaching staff since 2008 and began skating with Viking when she was 7 years old. She competed at numerous ISI competitions throughout New England during her competitive career as well as performed in several shows. In high school, Mandy was the co-captain of the Beverly High School Figure Skating Team. Mandy attended the University of Connecticut and received a degree in Health Economics and Healthcare Management Studies. She was the Vice President of the UConn Figure Skating Club and acted as a substitute coach at Viking during winter and spring breaks. Mandy is a Professional ISI member as well as a Gold Certified Judge. In addition to coaching skating, Mandy also works for a health insurance company as the Director of the Financial Underwriting department.

Diana Gallo

Diana returned to Viking’s Professional Staff in 2014 previously coaching at Viking for 13 years and professionally for 18 years. Diana began skating at the age of 6 and grew up skating at Viking. During her professional career, Diana was a member of both ISI and USFSA. Diana was an ISI Freestyle 8 skater, USFSA Junior level skater and passed all of her Moves in the Field tests. She has competed in various competitions throughout the New England area. Diana is a Professional Member of ISI, an ISI Silver Certified Judge and a member of the Professional Skaters Association. Diana attended Bridgewater State College where she received a degree in English and Secondary Education and is now working as an Executive Assistant for a pharmaceutical company in Boston.



Megan Pobiedzinski

Megan has been a member of the Viking Skating Club for over 20 years and has been coaching for the over 5. Megan competed in numerous competitions across New England representing Viking Skating Club. Outside of skating, Megan attended Salem State University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Technologies. Megan currently works as a Patient Coordinator for a local orthodontic office in Swampscott.

Marie Hiett

Marie has been a member of the Viking Skating Club since she first set foot on the ice at the age of 6, in 2001. Marie’s first full season as a Junior Coach at Viking Skating Club was the 2018-2019 season, and before that, she had been returning to Viking to teach during her winter breaks from college. During her skating career, Marie competed in various competitions in the New England area. Outside of skating, Marie loves boxing, strength training, baking, and spending time outdoors. She is currently in graduate school getting her master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics and is also studying to become a certified personal trainer.

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Learn to Skate

Group Lessons

The Viking Skating Club wants your skater to have a wonderful experience at our club. The following hints may help:

  • Please use single blade skates (either figure or hockey skates). No double runner blades will be allowed. Note: Skates are NOT available for rental at the rink.

  • Bicycle or hockey helmet. (Beginning skaters 7 and under will not be allowed on the ice without a helmet; the Skating Director will exercise complete discretion for skaters over 7. No helmets are available at the rink, you must bring a helmet).

  • Wear warm clothing, including gloves or mittens. Note: For safety reasons, “fuzzy” mittens, or any fabric that sheds fur, sparkles, feathers, sequins, etc. will not be allowed on the ice.

  • Use hand/toe warmers. Note: These are usually available for sale at the VSC Boutique on Saturdays.

  • Make sure skates are laced properly. If you have a question, a member of the Viking Skating Club Professional Staff would be happy to help you.

  • Club teaching philosophy prohibits the use of milk crates or other early learner upright supports. Our experience is that skaters will develop exponentially faster without these aids.

  • Group lessons are structured as 20 minute lesson and a 40 minute practice. In December, things change up a bit: if your skater participates in our end of the season show, the lesson structure would be 20 minute lesson, 20 minute show practice, and 20 minute free skate practice. If your skater chooses not to participate in the show, then the lesson structure would be 20 minute lesson, 20 minute session with Mentor assistance to work on recently learned skills, and 20 minute free skate practice. Lessons begin promptly at their scheduled time; if you are late, no make-ups are given. Our Team of Mentors are available during practice time to work with skaters on their developing skills and to play group games. Sometimes, the skaters do not want help, they want to try their new skills independently. This is fine as well.

  • Skaters in the first hour (8:30-9:30 a.m.) should arrive at the rink between 8:00-8:10 a.m. so that they will have their skates on and be able to take to the ice at 8:30.  Lessons take place as follows:

- 1st 20 minutes: Tots  /  2nd 20 minutes: Pre-Alpha  /  3rd 20 minutes: Alpha & Beta

  • Skaters in the second hour (9:30-10:30 a.m.) should arrive at the rink no later than 9:00 a.m.

  • Parents are not allowed on the ice at any time during the group sessions. If you have a question or concern, please see one of our Board Members and they will direct the question or concern to the Skating Director

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Private Lessons

Our Professional Staff is available for semi-private and private lessons.  Each coach maintains their own schedule and fee for a lesson.  Skaters are also responsible for the freestyle ice charge.  For more information please contact:

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Learn to Skate

Freestyle Ice

Viking Freestyle Ice is for private lessons and is practice ice for skaters.

  • Skaters who are at least thirteen years old, in Freestyle 1 or above,  may use the Freestyle ice without a coach present. Exceptions may be made with the approval of the Skating Director and Club President.

  • Skaters who are younger than thirteen years old and have not passed into Freestyle 1 may only use the ice during their lesson, supervised by a coach. Once the lesson is over, the skater must leave the ice.

2023-24 Fees*

$12 for ½ hour

$24 for full hour

* In an addition to ice time, skaters must pay their professional coach



  • All skaters must be either ISI or USFS members.

  • All coaches must be either ISI or USFS certified

  • All coaches must present a Certificate of Insurance before they can enter the ice.

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Freestyle Ice
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Special Events

Coming Soon!
Stay Tuned!


Annual Show

Viking has an Annual Show that is usually held in early March.  As schedules are still being established, please enjoy the video segments from past shows.

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now
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